CtD TruCut Gloss
Polymer Sealing Polish
7 oz

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CtD TruCut Gloss

Bowling Ball Polymer Sealing Polish

We have partnered with Turtle Wax for another product for the bowling industry! Introducing TruCut Gloss Powered by Turtle Wax!

Have a reactive bowling ball that you want to give that urethane ball reaction without spending the money on a urethane bowling?

Have a reactive bowling ball that simply is hooking too much?

Looking for a way to battle wet/dry lane conditions?

Have a slower ball speed and/or a higher rev rate?

Try TruCut Gloss Powered by Turtle Wax!

This product is a semi permanent gloss product that has the ability to stop or slow oil absorption in any reactive bowling ball. This product can change ball reaction drastically even making your ball perform just like urethane. The performance is designed to last 6 to 9 games depending on the environment. The performance can be completely removed by using TruCut Sanding Pads. This product is an easy to use liquid product that provides a durable polymer layer on the surface of the bowling ball.

There is a unique combination of various technologies combined that provide a durable pore penetrating coating on the bowling ball. This technology has four unique attributes on a bowling ball.

  • It makes the bowling ball oleophobic (oil repelling).
  • Stops or slows oil absorption in all reactive bowling balls
  • Provides superior resistance to dirt and scuff marks.
  • Feels slick to the touch (two hands are required to pick the bowling ball up)
Performance of TruCut Gloss

TruCut Gloss Powered by Turtle Wax provides increased skid through both the front and middle portions of the lane and significantly decreases backend performance when added to ANY bowling ball coverstock. This is why we recommend sanding the ball using TruCut Sanding Pads like 500 grit FIRST before applying TruCut Gloss. Using a higher surface can make a reactive bowling ball go much straighter. On a reactive ball, you will see about 5-10 boards less hook, depending on the type of bowling ball used and how you throw the bowling ball.


THIS PRODUCT IS NOT USBC APPROVED USBC doesn't approve products like TruCut Gloss. They have looked at it and have told us they do not have an issue with it. You CANNOT apply this product during competition, only before and after.

Size: 7 oz

How to Use (Manufacturer Recommendations)

In order to create a urethane performance from any reactive bowling ball follow these steps.

Before using TruCut Gloss your bowling ball should be cleaned with Life After Death Bowling Ball Cleaner Plus Life Extender, using a TruCut Scuff Mark Remover if needed.

Using a Ball Spinner:

  1. Sand the reactive bowling ball to 500 grit on 4 sides using TruCut Sanding Pads.
  2. Shake the bottle well before using the TruCut Gloss.
  3. Apply a half dollar size amount to the Microfiber side of a CtD BAM Pad or CtD Power Pad.
  4. Using a ball spinner on 4 sides of the bowling ball using an up and down motion for 20 seconds per side. Each time you change sides apply an additional half dollar size amount of TruCut Gloss. This ensures that multiple layers of protection are applied.
  5. You will notice the ball will begin to feel slick to the touch. This is an indication that the product has been applied. You MUST HOWEVER USE 2 HANDS to remove the ball from the spinner.
  6. Wipe the ball dry with a clean CtD Power Pad or BAM Pad.
  7. IMPORTANT: Do not use any other bowling ball cleaner on your ball to wipe the ball off other than CtD Life After Death. Using other products can reduce the effectiveness of the TruCut Gloss.
  8. For maximum durability allow the ball to sit 30 mins before use.
Can you use this product by hand?

Yes, you can add a 500 Grit TruCut surface to the bowling ball then you can apply TruCut Gloss using a CtD BAM Pad or CtD Power Pad by hand and let sit for 1 hour before use. It is recommended to use a spinner to ensure even coverage and to get the longest-lasting results.

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