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CtD TruCut Resurfacing Pads

Bowling Ball Resurfacing Pads

CtD TruCut Resurfacing Pads are aggressive sanding pads for resurfacing bowling balls. These pads work great on a ball spinner, resurfacing machine or, when needed, by hand.

Check the final step of the ball manufacturer and start there before going to these lower grits. These pads are safe to use on all types of bowling balls. They will leave deep scratches in the ball which will take longer to remove with higher grits by hand. You should not skip grits for resurfacing or by hand i.e. (80 grit to 220 grit) unless you are an expert at applying surface on a bowling ball, as you will leave deep lines in the ball.

If you think you need a very early hooking traction type ball motion use 1000 or 500 grit first. These grits options will work for the majority of lane conditions. For the vast majority of lane conditions 500 grit or higher is what is recommended for use.

Warning: Use these pads only if needed. They will leave deep scratches in your bowling ball.
  • Use as a base step to extreme resurfacing jobs
  • For finished ball surfaces, these grits are better suited for urethane balls
  • Durable Zirconia cutting material
  • Perforated waterproof film with a Velcro backing
  • Can be used by hand or machine, wet or dry
  • 6 Inches in Diameter

Tips for Use:

  • When using these pads use light pressure.
  • You can use them wet or dry. For Resurfacing or when using a ball spinner, it is definitely recommended use them wet.
  • Start with 240 grit, if you need more go to 120 grit. Only use 80 grit if absolutely necessary.
  • 80 grit is really really rough and is used primarily for resurfacing.
  • The rule for sanding pad use is to start with the higher numbers and work your way down as needed.
Available Grits: 80, 120 or 240
Sold Individually
NOTE: No current ball manufacturer uses these grits as the final sanding step

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