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Heel Height Adjuster

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Dexter Heel Shim

Heel Height Adjuster for SST and T·H·E shoes

The Dexter Heel Shim has Velcro on both sides to be used in combination with SST or "T·H·E series" heels already on your shoes. By adding this shim onto the bottom of the shoe then attaching the desired heel on top of the shim the height of the heel will be raised.

  • Raises your heel by placing in between your shoe and the removable heel pad
  • Can use one on each shoe, or stack both onto one shoe
  • By adding the shim under the desired heel, the height of two heels of differing thickness can be compensated for
  • Sold in a pair to use one or both to adjust the height of the heel of your Dexter shoe
  • Must be used with a slide or traction heel (sold separately). Do not use alone.
  • Compatible on all SST and T·H·E shoes with adjustable heels

Example: An H7 Heel + (1) Shim = (1) H2 Ultra Brakz heel height without a shim

How to: Remove your current heel and place the shim onto the bottom of the shoe. It has Velcro on both sides, so your heel can then be added to the bottom of the shim. (Basically, the shim goes between the heel and the shoe.)

Availability: Universal fit for RH or LH
Size: One size fits all - trim to fit
Sold in Pairs

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