Dexter Red Leather Heel
(H7) Least Brake

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Dexter Red Leather Heel - (H7) Least Brake

Replacement Bowling Shoe Heel

The Red Leather heel is made with a leather slide surface, including a rubber base and bevel.

  • Designed for a slower or tacky approach
  • For the stroker style bowler seeking the least amount of brake
  • Offers little brake with greatest slide potential
  • Red Leather material
  • Same heel that was included with the Dexter SST6
  • Compatible on all SST and T·H·E shoes
  • Sold individually
Availability: Universal fit for RH or LH
Size: One size fits all - Trim to fit
U.S. Men's up to size 15
U.S. Women's up to size 12

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