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Synthetic Grip Tape


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Genesis Hyper Grip Tape

Enhanced Synthetic Bowling Grip Tape

Inspired by the gecko, Genesis Hyper Grip Tape is an all new technology in tape material that addresses the need for consistency in grip pressure without being restrictive to movement. It simply grabs when you want, then releases without any binding or sticking. Your new, more relaxed grip will relieve tension & fatigue in your hand, while increasing your power and consistency. It’s also great for those suffering from a weak grip or as protection against calluses!

  • Provides unbelievable grip
  • Doesn't bind or stick when releasing the ball
  • Relieves hand tension & fatigue
  • Increases the power you put on the ball
  • Helps achieve a more consistent release
  • Protects against calluses
  • Also great for 2 handers, no-thumbers or those with weak grips
Quantity: 20 ct or 80 ct

When developing Hyper, our goal was to give you the ability to have a secure feel throughout your delivery without having to squeeze the ball. By being able to relax, tension is relieved, hand and wrist fatigue fades away, and you gain consistency in both the balance and power of your ball release.

Here are just a few of the ways to use Hyper to your advantage.

1 Use Hyper on your Index Finger for greater stability throughout your delivery and to relieve tension caused by squeezing.

2 Place Hyper on your Power Pad to increase leverage upon release and protect against skin irritation.

3 Anchor the ball firmly in the Base of your Palm for better weight balance and increased consistency.

4 For no thumbers, two handers or extreme wrist cuppers, place Hyper on your Wrist for ultimate control and balance.

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