Motiv Flex
Performance Tape
6 ct or 40 ct

Fast - Black
Med - Gray
Slow - Orange
Sample Pack

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Motiv® Flex™ - Protective Performance Tape is a simple 1-2-3 system with Fast, Medium, Slow release options. Each type provides a different level of surface friction and release control.

It is also a protective tape that also comes in different thicknesses to allow it to double as a fitting tape: Fast = thin, Medium = medium, and Slow = thick.

  • Protects skin
  • Improves fit
  • Controls release speed
  • Very strong, low residue adhesive
  • Each pre-cut piece is 1" wide

Material: Synthetic (Fast, Medium) or Cotton (Slow)

Available Styles

MTV-FLEXK - Black (Fast Release) 40 ct

MTV-FLEXG - Gray (Medium Release) 40 ct

MTV-FLEXO - Orange (Slow Release) 40 ct

MTV-FLEXS - Sample Pack 6 ct (2 of ea style)

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