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Motiv Supra Rally™

The brand new Motiv Supra Rally™ is designed with one goal in mind, speed around the corner. This finely tuned, angular pearl is designed to turn on the boosters when it sees friction, allowing you to navigate hairpin turns with precision and dominate challenging environments. When oil conditions get dry or beaten up, the Supra Rally™ thrives, allowing you to move in to find oil and play steeper angles to the pocket.

New Propulsion™ DRS Pearl Reactive cover technology modifies the already incredibly fast-response Propulsion™ cover system for higher friction environments. This new DRS (Drag Reduction System) technology reduces friction to make this cover system cleaner and more angular.

We swapped the engine in the new Supra Rally™ with the new Quadfire™ V2 core. This core tweaks the original specs from the High Impulse core found in the Supra™ and Supra Enzo™, lowering the differential to help the ball retain energy through the front of the lane for an explosive backend motion and powerful continuation through the pin deck. Incredibly, every weight Supra Rally™ from 12#-16# has the same .040 differential!

The Supra Rally™ comes finished out of the box at a sleek, high gloss 5500 LSP finish. It will be sure to turn heads as fast as it corners! If you’re looking for a bowling ball that combines the speed, power, and precision of a high-performance race car, look no further.

When To Use
  • Speed Dominant - A dry lane angular ball is most useful for speed dominant bowlers competing on older synthetic and wood lane surfaces. Speed dominant bowlers will likely benefit from the clean cover on the Supra Rally on high friction lanes. Most likely, speed dominant bowlers will not need the most angle out of the Supra Rally but will rather benefit from utilizing the core to get more of a footprint on the lane for a more even motion.

  • Balanced - Balanced bowlers need an incredibly clean and angular ball in their bag for use in long tournament formats, second shift leagues, and very high friction league situations. For most balanced bowlers the Supra Rally will serve as the end of their arsenal progression. The Supra Rally is the cleanest, angular option in the Motiv Bowling product line.

  • Rev Dominant - For the crankers, the Supra Rally should be a lot of fun. When a rev dominant bowler’s rev rate coupled with moderately dry lanes forces steep angles, the bowler can easily opt for the Supra Rally. The Supra Rally is a unique high performance dry lane piece with a dynamic core and specifically tuned high performance shell that still gives easy length with angle. This is a must have for rev dominant players who encounter moderate to dry lanes where angularity is important.

    COLOR(S) Black / Teal
    CORE Quadfire™ V2 Symmetric
    COVERSTOCK Propulsion™ DRS Pearl
    COVER TYPE Pearl Reactive
    FINISH 5500 Grit LSP
    LENGTH 80
    BACKEND 83
    HOOK 45
    FLARE 3" +
    WEIGHTS 12-16 lbs
    RELEASE DATE 05/03/23
    WARRANTY Motiv® 1 Year Limited Warranty
    16 lbs 2.64 0.040
    15 lbs 2.61 0.040
    14 lbs 2.59 0.040
    13 lbs 2.57 0.040
    12 lbs 2.56 0.040

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    Motiv® Supra Rally - Ball Position Guide

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