Storm Max Pro Grip
Finger Wrap Tape
30 ct - Un-cut Roll


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Keep your skin safe while getting the job done. The Storm Max Pro Finger Tape acts as a second skin protecting you from cuts, blisters, and friction allowing you to bowl to your MAX potential.

The Storm Max Pro Grip Roll is made of the same material as the Max Pro Finger Tape, but comes in an easy-to-cut roll for customizable placement on the fingers, thumb, or any other part of the hand that needs MAX protection.

  • Ultimate protection for fingers
  • Sweat resistant
  • Tacky texture provides extra grip to the ball
  • Strong adhesive sticks to itself and skin with ease
  • Prevents calluses and injuries
  • Thin expandable material
  • Easy to cut and apply
Available Styles:

Pre-cut (30 ct)

Un-cut Roll (3.5" W x 6.5' L)

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