Turbo Shur Cushion
Cushioned Insert Tape

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Turbo Shur Cushion

Cushioned Bowling Insert Tape

Turbo Shur Cushions are an inexpensive, quick & convenient solution for bowlers who suffer from an inconsistent release due to a thumb that shrinks and/or swells. Easily inserted into any thumb hole, the special density foam of each Cushion adjusts to the size and shape of your thumb to create the perfect fit. The slick Shur Out top layer of each Cushion ensures a smooth release.

  • Can be easily inserted into any thumb hole
  • Special density foam cushions and adjust to thumb shape
  • The top layer (white) is the same as Shur Out Tape for a smooth release

Available in 3/8" thickness

Quantity: Case of 10 (2 ct Packs)

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