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Motiv Top Thrill™ Solid

The Top Thrill™ line is developed for premium performance on dry lanes. The latest additions to the MOTIV product line are the Top Thrill™ Solid and the Top Thrill™ Hybrid. These two balls were developed for world class performance on dry lanes. While others develop “entry level” bowling balls, we at MOTIV focus on premium performance for the varied environments a competitive bowler is likely to encounter. With peak performance in mind, the new Top Thrill™ Solid and Top Thrill™ Hybrid are designed for specific needs expressed by bowlers.

The Halogen™ V2 core returns for these two Top Thrills™ as it is perfect for performance in light oil. It combines a slow-spinning high RG core for easy length and a lower differential to provide 2-3 inches of track flare potential. The moderately low differential allows for a clear progression within the MOTIV product line, stepping down from balls intended for medium-dry lanes.

The Top Thrill™ Solid uses Turmoil™ XP2 Solid coverstock to provide easy length, yet also a smooth and continuous motion. Additionally, the finish of the Top Thrill™ Solid is set with performance in mind. The 4000 Grit LSS finish allows for easy length, but without a violent down lane motion. Control with resin on dry lanes is the purpose of the Top Thrill™ Solid.

When to Use
  • Speed Dominant - Speed dominant players will likely use the Top Thrill™ line when the lanes are very dry or on shorter oil patterns when urethane balls are not an option. The Top Thrill™ Hybrid will be most useful when more down lane motion is needed, while the Top Thrill™ Solid is ideal on shorter patterns.
  • Balanced - For balanced bowlers, dry lanes and at the end of long blocks of competition are ideal for the Top Thrill™ line. Balanced bowlers competing on a second shift or in tournaments with longer formats will find great use for the Top Thrills™. Often, balanced bowlers find themselves lost after urethane has transitioned lanes. In those cases, the Top Thrill™ Solid allows for straighter angles is a great solution. When the patterns are longer and bowlers want to create more angle, the Top Thrill™ Hybrid should be used.
  • Rev Dominant - For rev dominant bowlers, the Top Thrills™ are a must in the bag. The Top Thrill solid is a great option for lower volume fresh patterns where straighter angles are in play and other balls are just too strong for the angles in play. The Top Thrill™ Hybrid is an outstanding burn ball for rev dominant bowlers. While the solid is better on light oil from shallow angles, at the end of the block, the Top Thrill™ Hybrid will be useful from steep angles.

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