VISE Compound
Finishing Compound
8 oz - 32 oz


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VISE Bowling Ball Finishing Compound

VISE Compound is best suited for players who are speed dominant, or those who are playing on a wet lane condition. Compound will help the bowler achieve a heavier roll sooner, giving rev-challenged releases more time for the ball to react. Remember, wet lanes or lower revs.

To use... clean your ball, then apply Vise Compound in a cross-hatch fashion which will take the ball's surface to approximately 500 grit. As Vise Compound adjusts the underlying finish of the ball, it also applies a fine layer of polish at the same time (turning two processes into one). This finish will offer the most total hook of any of our polishes. The shot-shape will be the "least" angular of our polishes, producing a more even or arch-shaped movement.

  • First step of the VISE polishing system
  • Results in a 500 grit, polished finish
  • Provides the most total hook of any of the VISE polishes
  • Produces a more even or arch-shaped movement
  • Least angular ball movement of the polish line
  • Compound is best suited to be applied with a ball spinner
  • Replacement for Innovative's Rev-Lotion line of polishes
  • Safe to handle
  • Safe for all cover-stock types of bowling balls
  • USBC Approved product
Sizes: 8 oz or 32 oz

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