VISE Polish System
Ball Maintenance Kit
4 x 8 oz bottles

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VISE Polish System

Bowling Ball Maintenance Kit

Any time you have a system in place, it is always possible to duplicate the result. With the VISE Polish System you will have all the trick in your bag. This is why we developed our polishes in a process of side by side comparisons and modifications. Our systems of 3 polishes can take your ball's surface to any place you need it to be for consistent and predictable results on any given lane condition.

  • The complete VISE Polishing System in one convenient pack
  • Includes Cleaner, Compound, Polish and Slip Agent
  • Save money with the complete kit
  • Safe for all cover-stock types of bowling balls
  • USBC Approved product

Note: If you liked Innovative's Rev-Lotion line of polishes, you will love the line of polishes from Vise! The Vise Polishes are simply improved and enhanced versions of Innovative's Rev-Lotion line.

Sizes: 8 oz of Each (Cleaner, Compound, Polish and Slip Agent)

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